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Akira Yuki is recognized as the mascot character of the Virtua Fighter series, having been present since its creation. He is generally considered one of the most challenging characters in Virtua Fighter to use and to master, and in games that provide such classifications, he is considered an "Expert" level character. Akira uses Hakkyoku-ken, the Japanese form of the Chinese "Baijiquan" martial art style.


In the Virtua Fighter canon, Akira is the grandson of the man who brought the knowledge of Hakkyoku-ken to Japan. Though he serves as an assistant instructor at their Yuki Budokan" dojo, his grandfather often saw him as a brash hothead who would not learn from his mistakes. Akira tried to prove him wrong by entering the World Fighting Tournament several times, even winning the second one, but his grandfather was never satisfied. Akira continued to struggle, often losing the cup to Kage-Maru as he searched for the answer to his grandfather's riddle about "true strength."


Akira has very few natural combos, but he is good at countering and if timed right he can launch opponents into the air and slam an entire fourth of their health away before they get back up.

Other Appearances

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Akira appears in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing as a partner of Jacky Bryant. Together, the two race in the Red Lightning sports car. He can fight his way to first place with their All-Star Move, Virtua Fight.

Dead or Alive 5

Akira will appear as a special guest character in Dead or Alive 5. He will make his appearance alongside fellow Virtua Fighter characters Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Akira functions as the final boss of this 2D crossover fighter based on Dengeki Bunko light novel magazine. Pai Chan is his support character.

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