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The best way to describe Akiza's attire is "Neo-Victorian." The color scheme (containing magenta, burgundy, white, and black), as well as her skirt and puffy sleeves, are highly influenced by Victorian-era clothing. Other elements of Akiza's design are extremely modern, such as her matching gloves and stockings, red corset, and unique hair style.


Due to an innate special power, Akiza's childhood years were less than pleasurable. Similar to the Millennium Items of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters, Akiza has the ability to summon monsters from the Spirit World. However this ability is triggered by emotion and not will, which means Akiza would summon monsters involuntarily in everyday life.  This first happens when her father, Hideo, promises to duel her but is unexpectedly pulled away for a month-long business trip. When Hideo finally does make time, he gets a call on his cell phone and is interrupted once again. This upsets Akiza, which causes her powers to manifest for the first time. Hideo is injured, and calls Akiza a monster. He later tries to apologize, but it is too late: the impact of those words made Akiza vengeful and full of spite.
Akiza is ostracized by all of Neo Domino City, even her own parents, for the remainder of her childhood.
In her teenage years, Akiza develops a hatred towards all people, and treats anyone she comes into contact with as her enemy. As her feelings of despair increase, so does her wake of destruction. Her parents send her to Duel Academy in hopes that she will learn to control her powers, but to no avail. Students are injured, and Akiza is even more of a monster in the eyes of the world. 
When Akiza returns home from Duel Academy, she observes how happy her parents are without her. Enraged, she uses her powers to burn down the house. If she can't be happy, Akiza believes that neither should the people that brought her into existence.
Akiza quickly becomes famous in the world of "Underground Dueling", where many duelists are injured at her hands. As a way of handling the guilt, Akiza creates an alternate persona known as the "Black Rose."  Changing her image from a teenage schoolgirl to a menacing villainess allows her to better cope with her terrorizing of other duelists and feelings of rejection. 
It isn't until a faithful encounter with Sayer, leader of the Arcadia Movement and a psychic duelist himself, that meaning returns to Akiza's life. Despite her new sense of self-worth, Akiza (still under the Black Rose persona) continues to strike fear into the hearts of duelists under Sayer's guidance. Sayer wants to create an army of Psychic duelists capable of overthrowing Goodwin, a plot known as the Arcadia Movement, and believes Akiza to be instrumental.
During the duel with Yusei in the Fortune Cup, Akiza becomes conflicted between Sayer's and Yusei's philosophies on life. While Sayer encourages Akiza to distance herself from humanity, Yusei, who afterall is also a signer, assures Akiza that her tragic past doesn't have to dictate her future. Suffering from a psychotic meltdown, Akiza loses the duel against Yusei and is rushed back to the Arcadia HQ by Sayer. (cont.)

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