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Two-handed gut punch! 
Alamis is a personal protege of   Götz von Dark, who has trained him to maximize use of his "neuro power". He and Kai apparently know and hate each other from some past conflict. He is one of   Götz's "Four Heavenly Kings".  
Height: 185cm 
ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close Backfist Up-left, heavy attack Exactly what one would expect of a move called "backfist".
 Close Backthrow When landing a high attack, left, up-left, up, heavy attack Alamis sneaks behind his opponent and slams them to the ground.
 3-step turn kick While moving backwards, special Alamis takes three steps.. and kicks. This can only be done while moving backwards.
 Close Critical Counter Block Alamis will randomly get a counter if you counter high attacks.
 Far High Yokogeri Up-left, heavy attack Alamis does a donkey kick.
 * soushyuken While moving forward, special Alamis jumps up and does a tornado drill kick. This can only be done while advancing.
 Far shougekiha (small) qcf (facing to the left), special Alamis throws a surprisingly large projectile at the opponent.
 Far shougekiha (big) half circle forward starting with the right, special Alamis fires a huge wave of energy at the opponent.
 Far hyakuretsukyaku Rapidly press special Alamis kicks hundreds of times. Considering the name, likely learned from a certain street fighter character...
 Far Air Tornado Charge right, left, special Alamis fires a tornado at the opponent.

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