Either DLC worth getting?

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#1 Posted by Nightriff (7062 posts) -

I'm giving the game another chance because of the bombcast and just bringing back how much I enjoyed the story but the combat is where I stopped 2 years ago when I last played it. But since I don't get rid of games anymore and decided to make better choices at what I buy and will become more of a collector. On that point is either the Signal or Writer worth spending money on? Keep in mind that I'm more interested in the story than the actual gameplay so does either have a fantastic story that I shouldn't miss as I venture into this game once again?

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#2 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

IIRC, both are more action heavy than story heavy. Or atleast the first one is

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#3 Posted by Vonocourt (2188 posts) -

The Writer is pretty dope. Didn't bother with the Signal after how dismissive the crew was on the bombcast.

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#4 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

The Signal is fine. The Writer is fucking awesome and a goddamn must.

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they need to import the auto pistol. Never happen but that alone makes that game's combat much more fun. Still, i'm going to buy the pc version in time, and I remember one of the dlc's being very strong. Oh and in my humble opinion, American Nightmare was better than a 3 star review.
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#6 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@Meowayne said:

The Signal is fine. The Writer is fucking awesome and a goddamn must.

The Writer is the best Alan Wake content to date.

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#7 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

Yes. Both are great but I am also a hardcore Alan Wake fan.

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#8 Posted by ddensel (421 posts) -

The Signal was free with a new copy of Alan Wake, don't know if that's still the case. The price is right anyway.

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#9 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1416 posts) -

PC version comes with all the DLC and looks great, though I suspect you only want to play it on your ps3 copy of the game?

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#10 Posted by BionicRadd (627 posts) -

@DJJoeJoe said:

PC version comes with all the DLC and looks great, though I suspect you only want to play it on your ps3 copy of the game?

That would be a neat trick

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@BionicRadd: Ah right I forgot it's a 360/PC only game still, I just glanced at the dudes name and it as blue and assumed he wasn't wanting to buy the PC version. I own Alan Wake on 360 but also purchased it on PC because the visual bump is worth it if you really are a fan of the games aesthetic, especially since the 360 version is famous for not running at 720 for it's effects and various other things and instead kinda doing a really smart job of getting some stuff rendered at 540 for performance sake. PC version with my 360 controller is really great and worth it if you have the money and desire to play the game again along with the 2 DLCs.

Alan Wake on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/108710/

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Story-wise both DLC add 0.001% to the plot, and you get the information about it on wikipedia.So don't play it for the plot.

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Having just beat it Alan Wake I was also wondering about the DLC and it looks like The Writer may be the piece to get. My question is can I just play the Writer, or are there story beats in the Signal that I need to know about for the second piece of content to make sense?

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Both of the DLC packages were fucking excellent.

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Both are amazing. Remedy iterated on their concept of Alan Wake for a long ass time, but sadly even in the main game, it seems they fell short of the mark. The silver lining though is they actually find the right balance in the DLC. Rather than making a limp nod to more heady and serious fiction of the likes of Twin Peaks and Stephen King's writings, the DLC more or less plays like a more low brow (b-movie if you will) romp, that actually has good, entertaining writing, and actually takes advantage of the dream/fantastic logic they had going on for clever gameplay set pieces.

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Though people seem to be mainly going on about how awesome these pieces of DLC were, I'm going to challenge that and say: don't play them.

Alan Wake has a perfect, dark ending in my book, and I think playing the DLC takes away the boldness of that conclusion. I think that's a real shame. When I think of the series, I prefer to think of it with the game's original ending, not the appended DLC storyline.

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