So I finished Alan Wake on the PC and made something!

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So I'd been waiting an ETERNITY for this game. Ever since trailers started coming out I was very interested. And then they went ahead and cancelled it for the PC, and that's all I have! And then I spent the coming months searching "Alan Wake PC" on google quite regularly, only to come up with disappointing fake images and rumors.

But finally, it was announced for the PC and I got it! And I wasn't disappointed. I loved the game. Although some of the sections were a bit too stretched and the gameplay wasn't my favorite part (although it was quite enjoyable from time to time), the highlight was the story and the atmosphere, which was what had got me excited about the game in the first place.

SO, after completing the game, I made a music video for it (as I usually do) made up of all the cutscenes and gameplay i'd recorded.

The song I used, infact, has been written and created by me and my friend, and it's called "Marrying the Tide". Our band is named "Retarded Compound".

I chose my own song as the lyrics seemed to be matching the theme of the game beautifully! So anyway, here's the video. Oh, and the vocals aren't the best :P But the music's pretty alright imo

Here you go!

Video description:

A music video tribute to the Remedy game "Alan Wake (PC). I used a song from my own band (Retarded Compound) for the video as the lyrics seem to match the theme of light and darkness, hope and struggle, very well!

Enjoy and comment!

I do not own Remedy or Alan Wake, this is just a music tribute. The song is by my band (Retarded Compound)

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Song lyrics:


You kept a dream within

and left your heart unlocked

like a child you wore it on your sleeve

and all that they said you would believe

Standing by the cliff

you were pushed before you could even leap

they gave you back your heart in pieces

and stole your will to dream


I know its hard but you must believe

Coz there's a way out of this darkness

You must keep moving on for me

Behind a bend may be the light you seek

You closed your eyes to another life

you dreamt of what you wished to see

but now that youve been woken up

you no longer wish to breathe

Into the sea you dint follow

you've drifted along but you cannot dream

yes, you stayed away from sorrow

but happy you cannot dare to be


I know its hard but you must believe

Coz there's a way out of this darkness

You must keep moving on for me

Behind a bend may be the light you seek

Theres nothing to which you can hold on

what you have today tomorrow will be gone

valleys are made by hills, sorrow through delight

love what you have and everything will be alright

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Awesome song and video! Vocals need a lot of work, the forced gravelly voice needs to be dialed down.
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@AssInAss: Ah thanks! :) Will tell my friend about the voice advice, we seem to struggle with vocals everytime :P

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