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ALAN WAKE -- Read at your own risk.
1. How did the atmospheric diver get "light powers"? And what did Tom do wrong? *I think the diver's name was Tom.*
2. What was the big deal when Alan Wake said, "it's not a lake, but an ocean"? How does that change anything?
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1. The atmospheric diver is Thomas Zane, and he got his light powers as Alan Wake described in Departure. The cinematic about what really happened in that mysterious week, explains it.  
In the ending Alan speaks about balance among all things, light and dark, guilt and penance, and Tom forgot that, when he wished back his wife. He brought her back, but as he worded poorly her comeback, the darkness took the chance and came within her, taking her place. Alan on another side made a trade of his life for Alice's, keeping the balance that rules all things. 
2. That expression doesn't change anything. The difference between a lake and an ocean is the size. It means just that within the darkness, that is on the bottom of the lake, there is the infinitude of emotions, thoughts, desires, dimensions that make the Darkness an ocean, something bigger than her actual size. That can be seen as she pervade reality from thoughts. 
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What I really loved about the ending is how it brought in all the factors from the Night Springs episodes.
Quantum Suicide, anyone?

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