achievementplayer's Alan Wake (Xbox 360) review

Best hrror game possibly?

 This game has been worked on for over 6 years now (a long development cycle by anyone's standards), but every time it's shown it looks as fresh and crisp as the last time. The game plays out like a horror novel in which the Steven King like protagonist's newest work is coming to life before his eyes. One of the cool features is the game is all narrated by the protagonist, which will add even more of a horror novel feel to the game. Another is the use of light, I've heard this compared to alone in the dark, but that was with fire which had to be tediously applied to enemies in order to finish them off, and if it wasn't you'd have to start damaging them all over again. In this game you have a flashlight, a flare gun and can even power up larger flood lights to help finish off the enemies, which make is look more varied and not share the same tedious nature of Alone in the Dark (a horrible title with some neat ideas), not to mention it's 3rd person. To me this tittle looks like it sets out to bring a solid horror title to the current generation of consoles, and it looks like it's going to succeed in doing so. The problem is the current generation doesn't know any quality psychological horror games, only action (as seen in the sub-par resident evil 5, they turned the series from horror/action to action with zombies). I think this will be the next silent hill for horror on consoles. So check out the videos, trailers and previews of the game and judge for yourself. 
I really hope this release finally becomes a reality. Alan Wake was the sole reason why I purchased an Xbox 360 back in November, 2005. The game was supposed to be part of the 360 launch, but has been unfortunately pushed back for the last four years. I really hope this is it!

Alan Wake's storyline, suspense, and graphics really seem to be on par to compete for GOY '2010. Let's hope its playability turns out to be as nice as its actual game appearance!  


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