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     After waiting so long for the release of Alan Wake, I was expecting the game to end in disappointment, but thankfully it ended up being the total opposite.  The story in Alan Wake is a great example of how psychological thrillers should be told.  It does a great job of keeping the player in the dark just enough to keep you interested.  The ending to each chapter was simply amazing.  I had a hard time taking breaks between chapters because the cliffhangers presented at the end of each chapter just made me want to keep playing.  The ending even managed to explain what is going on without really even telling you, leaving plenty of room for episodic DLC.
     Another one of Alan Wake's strong points is atmosphere is creates.  Even though you are walking very linear paths from point A to point B, Remedy did a great job of making Bright Falls look vast and scary.  Whether you are fighting shadows or just walking through the forest, the game does a great  job of keeping the intensity level high from beginning to end.  The controls in the game are also top notch.  I didn't know what to expect having to use a beam of light as a reticule, but it turned out to be just as easy to use.
     Although Alan Wake has many strong features, by far the best part of the game is the music.  Remedy created one of the best soundtracks  i have ever heard in a game.  There were multiple times where I would just stop to listen to the radios scattered throughout  the game.  The music went a long way towards adding to the already incredible atmosphere.
     Though I was worried that this would not happen, Alan Wake has completely lived up to my expectations and has turned out to be completely worth the long wait.  I feel that Alan Wake is a must own for anyone with thumbs.

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