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Alan Wake's return is a pleasant one.

I will start out by saying that the original Alan Wake was probably my favorite game of this generation. With that out of the way I was extremely excited about Remedy's follow up game, Alan Wake's: American Nightmare.

When I started playing American Nightmare I felt instantly like I was home. The good old fashioned gameplay mechanic of shining your flashlight on the Taken until there Darkness layer is gone and the pumping them full of led. Alan Wake has a lot more weapons in his arsenal including a crossbow, Machine Pistol and probably my favorite a nailgun.

Alan Wake's alter ego, Mr. Scratch

The story involves Alan Wake being stalked and threatened by his evil alter ego, Mr. Scratch. Alan Wake tries to defeat Mr. Scratch by getting rid of 3 darkness wells in the town of Night Springs. The 3 wells are located in 3 different locals: an abandon motel, a space observatory and a drive in movie theater. The story revisits these areas a couple of times throughout the game. In my opinion the story could have used maybe another area but i am still satisfied. The story lasts about 4 and a half hours to complete and you can add about an hour if you want to collect all of the manuscript pages.

The graphics in this game has not changed somewhat. The is a great as it has ever been and there is a lot more color this time around compared to the original. The soundtrack has some great additions in form of new tracks by Poets of the Fall and the Old God's of Asgard.

There is a new mode in American Nightmare called Fight 'till Dawn. It is a wave based survival game mode where you have to survive for 10 minutes and in that time you have to rack up as many points as you can. I personally am not that thrilled with this new game mode. My favorite thing about the Alan Wake franchise is the story and atmosphere. Don't get me wrong i really like the combat but for me it is not the main selling point.

Overall I am very positive about Alan Wake's new adventure. For it's price at just 1200 MSP or 15 dollar's you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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