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A fun aside for the hero of light 0

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare started off development as an action-focused aside for the Alan Wake series. While its wave-based survival mode is still a part of the package, Remedy fortunately came to their senses and realised fans were clamouring for more story, character and atmosphere for the darkness-battling writer. It might not be a full-on sequel but American Nightmare weaves an interesting tale, shedding some light on the ambiguity of Alan Wake’s finale while still keeping its aberrant ...

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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare: A Waking Pleasure. 4

After the underrated classic that was Remedy’s Alan Wake, with its great setting, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics, I was more than excited to sink my teeth into a new game based around the character. Though not thrilled it had been downgraded to an XBLA title, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, hoping that it would seemingly give a better insight into the world of Alan Wake, exploring new avenues of the light/dark mechanics, or expanding on some more literary ideas that the first game pres...

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Fetch me a dream, Mr. Wake 0

Alan Wake--both the game and the titular hero--has an identity problem.The original 2010 retail game had a promise of chills that few games rivaled. The darken outback of the Pacific Northwestern woods perfectly coupled Alan Wake's tale of supernatural dread and reality distortion. Unfortunately, the actual action-centric gameplay completely unwound any and all suspense or horror conjured up by over-adequately equipping players with supplies, ammunition and slow motion camera pans. Never once di...

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In Limbo 0

The original Alan Wake was not without its flaws, but it was a game that managed to deliver a compelling story and did what it did with a great deal of creativity. Throwing aside the normal conventions of mainstream game narratives, Alan Wake put you in the shoes of a renowned horror writer, struggling against real-world manifestations of his work, and attempting to rescue himself and his wife from the dark forces that threatened them. This wonderful story was unfortunately never given a proper ...

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What dream's may come 0

Alan Wake's American Nightmare reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/GameplayHey look Alan Im on TV, wait I mean your on TV.As an Alan Wake fan this game is kind of a weird step in a direction that only Remedy Entertainment knows where it will go. I love the over arching story of Alan Wake's plight as a whole even if I really don't know what the hell is going on sometimes. So American Nightmare start's (spoiler free hopefully) as fan's of the first game know there is a TV show in the Alan Wake universe...

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Alan Wake's new nightmare isn't all that it seems 0

It's hard to imagine many games that I would want less gameplay but more story involvement in, but if you've been following Remedy games for a while, you know that their penchant for gritty near-noir type settings and dark, imperfect protagonists is best-in-class. The combat always just feels a bit off, even for the people who made bullet time such a popular concept.The next chapter in Alan Wake's saga is more combat than maybe fans of the first game might want, but is ultimately worth it to see...

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Alan Wake: American Nightmare Review 0

I wanted this game to be more of the Alan Wake that I feel in love, with but I'm going to tell you right now that this is not the case. This game takes the power of the flashlight, and the guns, and turns it into a third person shooter. The lack of real depth also strikes at my heart. The story is that you are trapped in a nightmare, but with your actions you can break free of that reality.Graphically the game almost stands up to the 360 version. The cut scenes are done with live actors, and the...

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 1

Alan Wake's American Nightmare ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerAlan Wake's American Nightmare is a survival horror third person action game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft. The game was released on Xbox Live Arcade February 22, 2012. Does Alan Wake's American Nightmare live up to the quality set by the original?StoryAlan Wake's American Nightmare takes place in an episode of the Twilight Zone inspired “Night Springs” which is a series written by Alan Wake. The story tak...

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A Hollow Campaign Partially Redeemed by Engaging Gunplay 0

Ditching the hoodie and blazer for a t-shirt and plaid get-up, Alan Wake returns for a downloadable sequel to his 2010 debut. American Nightmare is a far cry from the “psychological action thriller” that was his first game, opting to sacrifice horror for the sake of greater gunplay. Remedy made a good move by expanding upon the celebrated combat mechanics, but an overall lack of engaging content—exemplified by repetitive environments and an unexciting supporting cast—drags down the experience.Ta...

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Alan's next adventure isn't as thrilling, but it still entertains 0

The PC version of Alan Wake hit on Steam a week before this sequel was bound for release on Xbox Live Arcade. For whatever reason, it took a long time coming for Mr. Wake to move his torch shining skills to the PC. As a game, I found Alan Wake to be a brilliant title that combined solid shooting, tight gripping atmosphere and a fascinating story into one package. It seems this time around PC gamers won’t have to wait two years to play Remedy Entertainment’s next instalment of the Alan Wake serie...

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The story is shakey, but the gameplay is MUCH improved. 0

2010's Alan Wake was critically acclaimed for it's well written storyline, beautiful visuals and the well-polished gameplay driving the narrative forward. It's introduction of an episodic approach to storytelling combined with light-versus-dark gameplay meant that Alan Wake was one of the more notable games of the year. Yet at the same time, the game was criticized for being too repetitive, featuring a limited number of enemy types and a small arsenal of weaponry. The sales for the game weren't ...

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Alan Wake's return is a pleasant one. 0

I will start out by saying that the original Alan Wake was probably my favorite game of this generation. With that out of the way I was extremely excited about Remedy's follow up game, Alan Wake's: American Nightmare.When I started playing American Nightmare I felt instantly like I was home. The good old fashioned gameplay mechanic of shining your flashlight on the Taken until there Darkness layer is gone and the pumping them full of led. Alan Wake has a lot more weapons in his arsenal including...

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Fight 'Till Dawn, feel the sunlight warm your face. 0

Alan Wake's American Nightmare ReviewPros+ Gripping arcade mode+ Interesting narrative+ Impressive mood and tone+ Amazing use of lightCons- Story makes little sense without playing Alan Wake- Questionable voice acting and animation in placesIt's been two years since we’ve seen the flashlight wielding author Alan Wake battle the darkness. Remedy and Microsoft Game Studios allow you to return to his world, this time in a smaller downloadable package for Xbox Live Arcade, in Alan Wake's American Ni...

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Same Author, New Nightmare 0

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a 5-7 hour experience that will satisfy fans for the hopeful release of Alan Wake 2, as well as introduce new players to the Champion of Light. Taking place in Arizona, Alan finds himself battling the Taken and his evil doppelganger, known only as Mr. Scratch. While the game does take place after the original Alan Wake game, starting on American Nightmare would not only introduce players to the fun flash and shoot gameplay, but really make you want to play the o...

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