Which would you recommend?

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So I want to buy a few Resident Evil games (No more than three) and I was wondering: Which are the best for an Albert Wesker fan? I became mildly obsessed after playing too much Marvel vs. Capcom and I'd love a veteran Resident Evil fan to give me some advice. 

#2 Posted by HummingLight (14 posts) -

I think the three games with the most Wesker are probably the original, Code Veronica, and Resident Evil 5.
#3 Posted by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -

A Wesker Fan? This is a thing now?  
But yeah Humming is probably spot on. 

#4 Posted by JTMosh (270 posts) -

Whatever you do be sure to buy Resident Evil 4. It doesn't have a whole lot of Wesker but...just buy Resident Evil 4.

#5 Posted by icarusflies77 (50 posts) -
@HummingLight: Awesome, thanks. 
@Rockanomics: Apparently it is. 
#6 Posted by RE_Player1 (7946 posts) -
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles actually has a Wesker campaign. It is really cool playing as him from behind the scenes of the older games. Probably the best part of that game.
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Code Veronica for the win. Definitely the best Wesker showing, in my opinion. I was kind of bummed when I saw what they turned his character into for the fifth game.  
Also, you might want to hang on until the fall - they are releasing HD versions of both Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4.  
Two birds, one stone.

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@RE_Player92: Yes, I'm REALLY looking forward to that.
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Resident Evil 1 PS1, Resident Evil 1 Gamecube remake, Code Veronica and 5

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I would say Resident Evil 5 because he plays a pretty prominent role in it, and its also the newest resident evil. You can also use him as a playable character in the mercenaries which I think you would enjoy. Then go get RE4 =p (1-3 are still good if your ok with ps1 games)

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@icarusflies77 I'm assuming your new to Resident Evil, correct me if I am wrong, so if I had to suggest 3 games with some Wesker action:
- Like I said Umbrella Chronicles. I suggest playing through the Wesker campaigns as they unlock. Playing them all at once is fun but you may get tired. Also if your new to the series it's a great way to see the stories of 0, 1, 3 and a new campaign with Jillnand Chris.
- Resident Evil 4 for Wii. The Wii version is the best version, well until the HD remakes coming this summer for PSN and XBLA, and you don't really need to know the characters before hand. I stress make sure you get at least the Wii version for some Wesker scenes with the Ada campaign.
- Resident Evil 5. The main villain is... Wesker!!!! He has some badass scenes in it.
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@RE_Player92: Brand new, yeah. 
#14 Posted by icarusflies77 (50 posts) -

Thanks for the advice everyone. :) 
I ended up ordering Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 5.  
I couldn't get Code Veronica because it was REALLY expensive for what it was.

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Wesker!? Ha ha ha. I hate that guy. His voice is the worst.

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