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Morrowind is comprised of many peoples, places, and ideals. It is the province of the Dunmer and one of the nine provinces of Tamriel. This province is under the control of Tiber Septim's Glorious Empire, the likes of which is now ruled by Emperor Uriel Septim VII, and Morrowind's provincial king, King Helseth; however, Morrowind is very much its own land. Much of this land and its people are located away from the mainland, and on the great island of Vvardenfell.

Aside from Vvardenfell's harsh environments and her native denizens, the Dunmer, the island is famous for its politics. While the province is known to be under rule of the Imperial Legion and the aforementioned King Helseth, whose throne is seated in Morrowind's mainland-based Capital City of Mournhold, the politics of the Dunmer Great House Culture are the most often to take center stage in Vvardenfell.

There are three Great Houses in Vvardenfell, each making claim to its own city. There is Great House Hlaalu, its mercantile nobles watching over the city of Balmora; Great House Telvanni, its sorcerer-lords residing in the strange mushroom island-city of Sadrith Mora; and Great House Redoran, its aristocratic leaders sheltered from Vvardenfell's infamous sandstorms by the organic edifices of Ald'ruhn.

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