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Nothing is really known about Alex Corde's past, except that he has lost many loved ones throughout his entire life. Corde was first introduced in the Finish trailer, where he was injected with a in-flight stimulation. In-flight stimulation do nothing to him except, make him see visions of the past, visions that he tries to forget, but can't. Because Alex tries to forget his memory of the past, it makes him more ruthless in the heat of battle. Ironically, he is always known for being calm before war, but because of his apparent swings of complex emotions, it makes him more psychotic and more ruthless. The first vision Alex has is when he is 7 years of age and is at the table with his family. He then has a 2nd vision when he is riding his bike down the street, but the Sky crane pilot voice interrupts his vision and says "3 seconds to drop". 
At the start of the game, his squad is wiped out by the forces of the Arm of Orion's leader, Commander Soren. After this Corde pledges vengeance against him, destroying Arm operations throughout various worlds, rising through the ranks of Section 8, and indeed, ultimately finish off Commander Soren.

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