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Playing as Alex Kidd, the objective of the game is for the player to make their way through a obstacle course and get to the main exit without allowing the other competitors to knock Alex off his bike.

The player will spend a lot of the time hitting ramps that will send Alex jumping over rivers and along the way can collect power-ups such as additional time on the clock, more energy and even jets that will allow Alex to fly past obstacles, but the player is only able to collect these power-ups if Alex can perform a wheelie as he rides over them.

When the player begins a new game they will start off in Blackwood Forest, and as they make their way through that stage, depending on the exit the player takes, they have the chance of reaching destinations like Cactus Desert, South Seas, Pyramid River or even Radaxian (Alex's homeland). The game will come to an end when the player runs out of energy.

The game can only be played with the special paddle controller that originally came with the game. Neither the game nor the controller were ever released outside of Japan.

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