Do you guys ever have weird dreams of the GB crew?

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I just dreamt that Alex Navarro was a surgeon who had to operate on my grandfather, but someone he knew (I can't remember who) died and I had to help him get through it. t then proceeded to get weirder because when he operated on people the way he did it was to cut them up like sushi and then put them back together. I am going back to sleep, it is 4:45 ESt and I hope that doesnt happen again. Weird. Pardon spelliing mistakes, to sleep to proof read, but needed to right this down while I remebered.

EDIT: I am not going to update the spelling and grammar. I feel it would destroy my thoughts when I woke up.

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I once had a dream about the last episode of the Simpsons being about Marge dying of cancer.

But I never really ever have any weird dreams, spesh not about giantbomb.

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Not about Giantbomb, but I have had odd dreams with cameo's from celebrities and such.

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Here we go again...

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Here we go again...

Loading Video...
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Here we go again...

After seeing the Giant Bomb fanfic thread I have high hopes for this one.

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I have tons of weird dreams, but they rarely, if ever, involve people from TV, movies, the internet, etc. Mostly they involve my friends, and surreal situations and settings, especially ones inspired by the games I've been playing. I once had a dream that looked like an isometric SRPG, Final Fantasy Tactics style, sprites and all.

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There was that one where I dreamt Jeff was eating Ryan back in the old office.

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Yeah, that's not weird at all.

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I had a dream where me and Jeff were on the run or something, and it ended with me orally pleasuring him.

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I had a dream that Ryan and Jeff came to my apartment, gave me beer, and they yelled at me before they left.

That was it.

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There was that one where I dreamt Jeff was eating Ryan back in the old office.

There was another one where I met Ryan in a pizzeria...

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I once had a dream when I was a child that someone I didn't know, from a country that isn't my own would have a dream about someone from the internet and then post a forum thread about it.

I also dreamed the internet into existence as a child too.

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Not about Giant Bomb but I had a dream last night that ended with me looking in a bathroom mirror to see that my entire chest cavity was gone and I could see all my organs. And that image has been fucking with my head all day.

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I once had a dream that Jeff was yelling at me, I think, But that might be because Jeff looks just like my Boss whos name is John. Which gets kinda confusing in my head.

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There's nothing weird about any of my sex dreams featuring Vinny, Drew, and/or Dave. But when Ryan, Brad or Jeff get involved shit starts to get a little freaky.

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Didnt this thread already happen before? Or was that a dream?

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I had a dream where me and Jeff were on the run or something, and it ended with me orally pleasuring him.

Already this thread is better than Inception.

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I dreamed that Jeff invented a new polycotton blend, but Vinny turned his head into scissors and cut the prototype up, saying "YOU ARE NOT A CLOTHESMAN!". Brad and Ryan tried to eat a hamburger while all this went down, but the hamburger was really Luchadeer (who, in turn, was Rorie in a wrestling mask), and then thousands of backgammon boards fell from the ceiling while Rorie shook everybody's hand and called them "Poopsie". Then Star Trek's Michael Dorn showed up and challenged Ryan to a riverdance competition. There were no survivors.

... Okay, I'm making that up, but I did dream about a person who, if you squinted your eyes and thought about Timothy Olyphant, looked a little like Timothy Olyphant after reconstructive surgery and a gender change. And, as we all know, Timothy Olyphant played Agent 47 in Hitman, an adaptation of a game, and Giant Bomb covers games.

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This is not something that people should be sharing.

Damn, I swear some of you can be real creepy when it comes to the staff.

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Last night I actually had a dream about the Giant Bomb crew, but other than that no.

It was me and some other members of the site that had been invited to just hang out and have a good time with the Giant Bomb crew... Nothing really happened, we just had a few drinks and played some games and laughed.

Still a bit weird.

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a dream within a dream

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I had a dream that a Mexican Ryan Davis came into my work once.

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A few years back I dreamt that me and Jeff did a quick look of a 3D console mario game, the crazy thing is that a week ago I had the same dream except we were quick looking the sequel of that game but the mobile version on my old crappy phone. I do remember me and Jeff riffing pretty well, if only dream could become reality... some day...

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