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Alex Weiss, 24 years old, is a gifted but lazy electrician, hacker, and technician who is on the crew of the Endurance. It is not known how he came to be on the crew, but he has an established somewhat antagonistic relationship with Joslin Reyes, the mechanic. Alex also served as the camera operator for the TV show pilot that Dr. Whitman was attempted to create.


After the devastating storm, Alex manages to escape on a lifeboat with several other Endurance crew members. He sticks with Reyes, Whitman, and Jonah for most of the game, as Lara tries to reunite with them. When they locate a boat that could be repaired as an escape craft, Alex returns to the wreckage of the Endurance to locate tools that Reyes needs to complete the repairs. He succeeds in retrieving the tools, but finds that the Solarii are also scavenging the ship, and he is trapped under rubble in the hold. Lara comes to find what has happened to him, but is unable to extricate him before they are found by more Solarii. Alex gives the tools to Lara and sacrifices himself to allow her to escape and complete the repairs.

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