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Alexei is the Commandant of the Imperial Knights, the highest military role in the Empire. Though committed to protect the Empire and its people at any cost, he grows disillusioned with how little actual power he has to do so, even as Commandant. As such, he begins a long-term conspiracy to seize the power of the ancient Geraios civilization: The same one that created all the blastia in the world.

He uses Ragou, the magistrate of Capua Nor, to raise money by harshly taxing his populance; Yeager, the guildmaster of Leviathan's Claw, for his assassins and weapons; Barbos, the guildmaster of the Blood Alliance, to create the tower of Ghasfarost and his two Knight captains, Schwann and Cumore, for their knight troops. With these resources, he is able to construct a fake Dein Nomos, an Imperial heirloom and an important tool for controlling blastia, to raise the most powerful blastia in the world, Zaude, from the deep. Though his plans are halted several times, he manages to kidnap Estelle (thanks to Schwann's duplicity) and use her power as a Child of the Full Moon as a replacement for the power of the true Dein Nomos, currently held by Duke.

He is chased down and stopped by the groups led by Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo at Zaude and, upon activating it, realises to his horror that Zaude's sole purpose was to keep the apocalyptic Adephagos at bay. Utterly defeated, he is killed when Zaude collapses after being activated.

His voice actor was Jurota Kosugi in the Japanese version of the game and D.C Douglas in the English version.

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