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Little information is given about Woden's life prior to his membership in the Inner Circle. He is a United States Senator, and high-ranking member of the Inner Circle. In 1991, he become involved in Project Valhalla alongside his nemesis, Nicole Horne. The project was canceled in 1995, and at some point afterward he became a mentor to the Russian mobster Vladimir Lem.

Events of Max Payne

Woden is first mentioned in the diary of the prostitute Candy Dawn. Referred to as "One-Eyed Alfred", Dawn has been secretly recording her liaisons with Woden and selling them to an "old hag". The "hag" in is later revealed to be Nicole Horne, who has been using the tapes to blackmail Woden into silence about her involvement with the drug Valkyr and her other various schemes.

Woden contacts Max via payphone on several occasions during Max's rampage through New York City, usually to warn him of impending danger. After Max kills his treacherous former partner, B.B. Hensley, Woden arranges a face-to-face meeting with Max at the Inner Circle's headquarters, the Asgard Building. Woden reveals Horne's involvement in the death of his family to Max and offers him a deal: If Max will eliminate Horne, Woden will use his powers as a Senator to have all the criminal charges against him dropped. Horne's agents attack the Asgard Building and many members of the Inner Circle are killed, but Woden is able to survive and escape by playing dead.

After assaulting Aesir Plaza and killing Horne, Max spots Woden outside the building as he is being led away by the police. The two exchange a knowing smile, with Woden seemingly prepared to live up to his end of the bargain.

Events of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Woden does indeed keep his promise to Max, and all charges against him are dropped.

Approximately two years after the events of the first game, Max learns of a power struggle within the Inner Circle. Woden is revealed to have been a one-time mentor to Max's friend and former ally Vladimir Lem. With Horne and many members of the Inner Circle dead, Lem began to vie for leadership of the organization against Woden. At this point Woden hired Mona Sax, thought to have been killed during Max's assault on Aesir Plaza, to help combat Lem's growing power.

Lem reveals to Max that it was in fact Woden who had the files relating to Project Valhalla sent to his wife, knowing full well that Horne would have her killed to keep the information from becoming public. Having successfully manipulated Max into eliminating his most powerful rival and with the majority of the Inner Circle dead, Woden was able to take almost complete control of the organization.

Stricken with terminal cancer and confined to a wheelchair, Woden initially orders Mona to kill Max, rightly concerned that he would discover the truth about the reason for the death of his wife and seek revenge, but she finds herself unable complete the hit. Towards the end of the game, Woden seemingly experiences a change of heart and apologizes to Max for all he has done to him.

Woden is ultimately killed when Vladimir Lem and his minions invade his mansion in a final attempt to take full control of the Inner Circle. He is shot and killed by Lem while attempting to disarm him and protect Mona and Max.

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