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Aliasse is a mysterious girl most often seen around the Lanseal campus. She often adresses the scientist Clementia Foerster as "Mama", indicating that the woman is at least somewhat responsible for Aliasse. Although she is thirteen years old, she's very childish and playful in her nature. Not much is known about her except for the fact that her abilities and wielding of a lance and shield betray her Valkyrian heritage.


Aliasse was created for use in the video game Valkyria Chronicles 2, which is her first game. In the game, although she exhibits Valkyrian powers, she is only available as a regular scout character, albeit with appropriate potentials.


"Aww.... where'd you all go?"
"I'll keep everybody safe! Okay?"
"This power is for protecting them."
"It's just a scratch."
"Together Cosette!"

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