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Based on Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland novel, Alice in the Country of Hearts is an otome game with a reverse harem twist. It is produced and developed by Quin Rose.


Alice Liddel is an ordinary girl who lives with her older sister. One day, a white rabbit appears and transform into a man called Peter White. Peter kidnaps Alice and jumps into a vast hole that takes them to the Country of Hearts. He forces Alice to drink a strange concoction with a kiss. To play the game and return home, Alice has to "interact" with the inhabitants where most of them are guys who are beautiful on the outside but violent or insane on the inside.


The franchise has four games that were released for the PC and PSP.

  1. Heart no Kuni no Alice
  2. Clover no Kuni no Alice
  3. Joker no Kuni no Alice
  4. Anniversary no Kuni no Alice

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