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The DS version differs greatly from the Wii and PC versions.
The DS version differs greatly from the Wii and PC versions.
Alice in Wonderland was released on March 2, 2010 for the Wii, PC, and Nintendo DS. While released simultaneously, the Wii/PC versions are significantly different from the Nintendo DS version. All versions of the game were developed by Etranges Libelluie and published by Disney Interactive Studios. In addition to these versions, an iPhone adaptation of Tim Burton's movie is planned for release later this year.

Despite the low amount of reviews, the game was moderately well received. According to Game Rankings, the aggregate score for Alice in Wonderland on PC and Wii respectively is 73% and 74%, while the DS version scored a 79% aggregate from four different publications.


Wii/PC Version

 The White Rabbit in the Wii version.
 The White Rabbit in the Wii version.
Starring a variety of characters from the movie (e.g. the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat), the Wii and PC versions are third person action adventure games. Taking advantage of the cast of characters, puzzles require the usage of a particular character's special ability. For example, the Cheshire Cat can turn invisible or even make previously hidden items visible. The ability to switch between characters at any time is imperative to solving the variety of puzzles.

The game centers around protecting Alice. At times during the adventure, heart-shaped portals open and Red Queen soldiers attack. In these battles, the ability to switch between characters is still available, and repeated attacks can chain together to create combos or special moves. When enemies are killed, characters' abilities can be upgraded with "impossible ideas." Characters cannot die, but instead will lose all impossible ideas gained during the battle. After all impossible ideas are lost, Alice can be dragged into the portal, triggering a game over.

DS Version

 The DS version is controlled completely with the touch screen.
 The DS version is controlled completely with the touch screen.

The DS version differs not only in gameplay, but in art style. The game is much more cartoonish in nature, which critics agreed fit the style of this puzzle platformer. This game does share some aspects with the Wii and PC iterations. Specifically, the game does not star Alice, but rather a variety of other characters who can be switched out at any time.

The game is controlled almost completely with the touch screen and stylus. Characters go where the stylus is tapped, including jumping over pits and climbing over obstacles. However, if Alice is unable to follow along, she indicates so by crying for help. At this point, the player must also tap on her to help her along. Special abilities are retained in the DS version, although they are different. The White Rabbit has the ability to control time, the Cheshire Cat can turn parts of the game invisible, and so on.

Combat takes place against the Red Queen's minions. These cards come out of a portal, and then attempt to drag Alice into it. This is also controlled via the touch screen, with stylus swipes controlling the attack motions. After killing the minions, the player must escape by saving Alice before she is dragged into the portal.

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