Free American Mcgees Alice for xbox yall!

#1 Posted by pieman32 (164 posts) -

I enjoyed madness returns, but have no interest in the original. PM me for the code guys and galls.

#2 Posted by Omega (838 posts) -

You need to also own Madness Returns as the original counts as an add on rather than an XBLA release.

#3 Posted by pieman32 (164 posts) -

..... well...... it was given away. AAAAAAWWW WELL!

#4 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5307 posts) -

I guess they can go buy it used now.

#5 Posted by pieman32 (164 posts) -

sure, why not. this wasnt a well thought out plan huh... O WELL! 

#6 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

Darn, I was even borrowing a copy and everything.

#7 Posted by Omega (838 posts) -
@pieman32: Don't be too hard on yourself it was a nice gesture all the same.
#8 Posted by pieman32 (164 posts) -
@Omega: nah, the person who i gave it to is borrowing a copy. I DECLARE THIS THREAD OVER!  ps: love ur carlin pic and carlin too of course.

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