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In Space No One Can Hear Me Screaming In Frustration. Alien: Isolation Review (Warning, some spoilers) 0

Alien: Isolation is a beautiful looking game that successfully manages to capture the aesthetic and atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien, that is unfortunately plagued by a host of baffling design choices, technical issues and frustrating gameplay. I should preface that I absolutely adore Scott’s Alien, and my endearment for the series has allowed me to convince myself that I’ve enjoyed entries that would otherwise be seen as nothing more than sub-par, (I’m looking at...

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With the fearsome intelligence of its xenomorph and smart, stealth driven mechanics, Isolation is a harrowing triumph 0

HR Giger’s alien has often been dealt a disservice by videogames. Described as the “perfect organism” in Ridley Scott’s original movie, the videogame xenomorph has been anything but. This intelligent and merciless killer is regularly depicted as idiotic cannon fodder to be handily dispatched by a burst of plasma rifle fire, with videogames adopting the gun-toting marine approach of James Cameron’s Aliens over Scott’s cat-and-mouse struggle against a singular, ...

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Flawless 0

This game does exactly what it sets out to do. And what it does is be an amazing Alien experience. Couldn't ask for anything more. You can actually adjust the film grain in the options menu. Seriously!if you are a fan of the franchise do yourself a favour and pick up this game. You will not be disappointed. ...

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Alien: Isolation? "Android: Collective" Is More Accurate (Spoilers) 0

It's clear the desire of this game is to immerse you in the world of the original Alien movie. Mission accomplished, the game sets up some amazing atmosphere. But when it comes to what you have to *do* in this fabulously designed environment... It all falls apart.I'll be upfront, I hated this game. And while I can concede a certain amount of that will come down to personal preference and that other people may enjoy what I didn't, I found the gameplay to be some of the most monotonous I've ever e...

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The Good points by far over power the Bad bits 0

I have always been a big fan of Alien films ever since I begged my dad to let me watch Aliens when I was a kid but I was not aloud due to the fact there was too much bad language in it. I was really looking forward to this game, and then saw a review that did not portray it in a very good light. But I just concentrated on the good points the reviewer said. So I decided I am buying this game so I set it to download and went away to my bed and watched the Alien film, I would recommend doing this b...

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While not necessarily a unique experience, Alien: Isolation delivers a coherent horror experience fans of the franchise 0

The Alien franchise has been a venue for some pretty terrible games. Yeah, I’m talking about Aliens: Colonial Marines and the pretty love it or leave it Aliens: Resurrection. And let me tell you, I leave Alien: Resurrection with a can of gasoline, matches and a middle finger to both the tie-in game AND the movie. Though I did like Alien Trilogy along with that Alien 3 arcade game. After playing the demo at EGX Rezzed (Granted it was an alpha), Isolation felt like just another hide and seek...

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