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A solid time waster if you hate aliens. 0

The ShortPros- Keeps the arcade style while implementing more weapons- Aliens look a lot better than the first game- Has a sort of a story, I guess- Improved graphics and animationCons- The new gun system (taken from Zombie Shooter 2) is fine but boring- Graphical assets are taken from Zombie Shooter 2 in the most obvious ways- Involves a lot of standing around, waiting for people to do stuff for you- Still repetitive, like all these games- Has the two new stupid stats introduced in Zombie Shoot...

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Gore FTW! 0

This is one of my favorite overhead shooters. The controls are a bit odd but the game play is pretty sweet overall. I.M.O. they should come out with a first person shooter with this same storyline. I almost guarantee this would be a hit. Who does not like destroying hordes of aliens with max gore!...

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A dull and repetive game. 0

Alien Shooter Vengeance is similar to the first game but manages to be better with less cheap moments and a RPG system. Unfortunately most if it is rather useless as most can be covered through the implants so only health regeneration, speed, and rockets are the only skills you need to focus on. Rockets are best due to the costs, damage, splash radius, and with the most useful implant combinations. The rest of the weapon skills are worthless as rockets become pretty much mandatory from stage 13 ...

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