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Moonwalking... 0

SummaryDo not buy and play this game. This top-down shooter is as bad as they can get.Review StatusFirst Impression | Reasonable play | Solid play | Finished game | FinalPlaytime20 minutesWhy this game?I picked this game (the original and the revisited version) on Steam during the 2012 summer sale. Fortunately they were dead cheap because after about 15 minutes of play I knew I would never touch them again.StoryHorrible. That is what happened on the world you visit in Alien Shooter. The world ha...

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A crappy game not worth $20 0

Alien shooter is an arcade shooter in the 3/4 perspective. You can chose between a male or female character though the differences are minor as the game focuses on sending swarms after you. That means your going to stand in certain area's and lure enemies out to kill them. At first the game seams fair and easy though in the third level and beyond, it starts setting up cheap ambushes where you can easily die if you don't have the right guns equipped. The surprised ambushes feel cheap as they can ...

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