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Do not buy and play this game. This top-down shooter is as bad as they can get.

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Why this game?

I picked this game (the original and the revisited version) on Steam during the 2012 summer sale. Fortunately they were dead cheap because after about 15 minutes of play I knew I would never touch them again.


Horrible. That is what happened on the world you visit in Alien Shooter. The world has run over by aliens of all kinds and sorts and you have to kill them all (preferably). As a player you get a bunch of weapons that unlock during the game, and you need them to stop the hordes of critters.


Horrible. That is what the gameplay is.

Shoot the green aliens, but don't forget to moonwalk backwards

You control a character that can shoot and bump into things so things happen. Think of opening doors and flipping switches. But this guy can do more! He can rotate his upper body without moving his lower body. At least in the original, in the revisited he can still do some weird twists but his feet will point more or less into the right direction. In the revisited version however he can moonwalk and move without moving his feet. Floating is perhaps a better word. And often he floats out of the screen and is nowhere to be seen. By you the player that is, the aliens have no problem finding him.

So you move your character with the keyboard of right mouse button while shooting with your left. I thought Diablo3 was mindless clicking, well this is his master! Aliens rush at you and you just have to point in the right direction to shoot them while walking backwards. Nothing wrong with that, but if the guy only would walk the way you want him to go! You have to constantly correct his direction. Probably he is busy shooting...

You can blow things up. Only don't stand too close or shoot it accidentally and you are dead. At least in the original, in the revisited version it is somewhat better.

All the while you can upgrade your armor and stuff you carry. Plenty to be found in those silent buildings.


Another thing is that the original has 2 fixed graphic resolutions. Oh well, it's older. But the revisited also has these... Bizar. The graphics are somewhat better but that's about it. Highest resolution is 1024 x 768. How old can you get...

Yes, I'm beaming from below


Audio is the best in the game because i can't find anything to complain about other than that the sounds are bland and not really creepy.

Other things worth mentioning



Concluding this is one of the worst games I played in my life. A mindless alien top-down shooter should not be so hard to make, at least to get the physics right of you puppet. If even that fails, the only option left is to hit the uninstall button.

Bye bye Alien shooter, I will never start you up again... well, perhaps to experience that shitty gameplay again to remind myself how worst a game can be.

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