Alien Swarm: Thoughts, Strats, etc.

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I've been enjoying this game quite a bit as it's free on Steam and thus an easy game to rope friends into playing with you. For those who haven't played it's a shooter utilising an isometric perspective that is essentially Left 4 Dead but with aliens and virtually the same class-based cooperative survival mechanics. I find that experimenting with different strategies and classes/equips is part of the charm, especially at harder difficulties. I was just wondering if anyone had any particular/preferred strategies for speedrunning levels in the game or surviving on Brutal, with or without Hardcore FF and onslaught? 
I frequent the Australian dedicated servers if anyone also happens to be looking for teammates. Alternatively, I'm happy to help out newcomers, as it's quite an unforgiving game at first.

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Man you have no idea how love this game.. The first couple of hours can´t bet thouf..  
Saddly is game that requires non retards.. if you manage to find people to play with is great

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