Anyone else dealing with some connectivity weirdness?

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I booted this up during the first couple days the game came out. Had no problem getting into games, no shaky connection problems and generally dealt with some pretty decent people. 
The past two nights, though, it's been a nightmare of dropped connections, teamkilling griefers and atrophied player base. 
Anyone else experience this? Maybe it's because SC2 is coming out and it was "just a free game" that killed some of the player base? and maybe the patches screwed up the multiplayer connectivity? Just bad luck on my part? 
Started a couple friends-only games, but very few people on my friends list have had time to slug it out for a whole campaign, so when they leave, the server is still flagged as private. (Begs the question whether it's possible to change it from a friends-only game to a public game within the lobby, but I haven't found that option if it exists.) 
Mind, I'm sticking mostly to "Normal" difficulty. Maybe everyone's rocking hard and insane?
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I haven't had any problems. Could use the server browser instead of matchmaking if you want to try to find low-ping games.
Also, if you created the lobby you can change the permissions using console commands:

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I have been team-killed on one occasion but I haven't had any problems with griefers yet. When the game first came out I had huge connection issues but after the patch that went up about Friday last week all my connectivity stuff has been fine even when I don't have the best internet connection in the world.

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Cool. Thanks for the console commands. I'll give those a shot. 

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