Awww… no Mac version?

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I honestly don't understand why Valve would fail to release a Mac version of this.  They just rolled out the Mac version of their Steam client and are no doubt eager to support and promote it.  This is a new, free first-party game based on Source.  Why leave us out in the cold on this one?  Has anybody heard that a Mac version is forthcoming?  I have to say that while I was anxious to download the Mac Steam client as soon as it was released, I still haven't seen anything on there that I really want to try out.

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...Do you realize the amount of work a Mac port would require?
Macs suck for games anyway.
Why do people whine about that shit, they shouldn't have released a Mac version of Steam in the first place, now all the Mac users expect game ports, like it's an easy thing to do.

#3 Posted by Forcen (1859 posts) -

I bet there will be a mac version sooner or later. The game uses the version of the source engine used in Portal 2, and that game is getting a mac release.

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They will because it's the Source engine.

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I was a bit disappointed as well :( 

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That is kinda odd, Alien Swarm is basically a showboat for what steam can do.

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@Tabarnaco: Using that logic, we could also say that PC gamers shouldn't expect Episode 3 because it isn't easy to do. Stop giving Gabe ammunition! The fat joke thing is bad enough.

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