Is it me

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Is it just me or does everyone i play with wanna just run ahead and not help his team mates. if you wanna solo play the offline practice or stop soloing stuff. it makes the game suck whenm im gettin overrun by alien and its not cause i suck its cause i have nobody helping me. just a thought

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I've noticed this too.  It's almost like some people think they are racing against the other players and the starting gun fires as soon as the map loads.

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Dunno, hasn't happened to me. But i havn't played that much. Also, you probably want to keep running. Standing around killing stuff will eventually get you swarmed. Aliens don't stop spawning.
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yeah i understand what yur saying shirogane i do sometimes stop but sometimes they surround me.

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I definitely see people do this. I guess I see the temptation if you've spent a whole lot of time in this game like I have, but I still slow down when playing with new players. Actually, I haven't hopped on in about a month. Kinda lost interest after I hit the level cap. I'd be willing to get back in and help you out if you want to play.

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Mmm, i havn't played for ages either. Now that i think about it, yeah, some of the higher level people tend to like running through fast. 
I stopped playing when me and my friend tried the new thingy...whatever it was called, AI director? And ended up with heaps of those little infestor thingoes, whatever they were called again, on the first level.
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well whats yall steam ids?

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It's very important to stay mobile and only pick off aliens directly in your path. It's frustrating when you get some experience with the game to see people stop and try and fight every alien instead of focusing on the objective. That is one way to get swarmed and even with a medic and backup it's possible that everyone will get killed trying to help out. Other than that, just keep playing on normal until you get the hang of it.
Edit: The flamer and vindicator are great weapons for keeping you alive against hordes. Also the tech's prototype rifle. Alternatively, you can take hornet barrages if you find getting swarmed a constant headache.

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