My computer can't run this game

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Guess it's time to get a new one or upgrade at least.  I'm pretty sad about that though.
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@Biohazard237: Prepare for the "COOL STORY BRO!"'s
I was actually quite suprised how demanding this game is. I got everything on Max at 1920x1200 and it runs great on my monsterous gaming PC. But my more modest work PC chops up even at low.
What's your specs?
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i get game Lag once i get to the monsters in the offline mode. the game area is bright - not dark. and the menus are low quality. 
i just need a better graphics card

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this game is demanding ?

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

" this game is demanding ? "

My Laptop can't run it on the lowest of low. (Well technically it can, but you know.)
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" this game is demanding ? "
I thought i'd have no problem cos I can play source games with no problem but I had to lower all the settings cos it just raped my FPS during the explosions etc.
Laptops suck.
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Bummer dude.

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What are your computer's specs?

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@Biohazard237:  Have you tried the FPS pack released in the steam forums? It's basically an autoexec.cfg file you put in the alien swarm folder and it reduces the games graphics quality significantly.
Also if you're using Vista, you can run the game with "disable desktop composition" (or something similar, in the shortcut properties).
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cant run the 2004 SOURCE engine?? time to upgrade

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@gamb1t: Its the brand new source engine, the same as portal 2 uses or used when they finished Alien Swarm at least.
Edit: Portal 2, not the first one ._.
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That sucks. I had to turn down the resolution and graphics settings but fortunately I managed to get it running fine myself.

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I'm in the same boat. Good thing I'm getting a new computer on the 5th.

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My $600 laptop runs it great!

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Game isn't that good. Left 4 Aliens.  
Valve is so original.  
Did I mention there are head crabs in the game too?

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@Eight:  It's supposed to be showcase of the Source engine's capabilities. the code was released so modders can make new games out of it.
I don't think it was supposed to be very original.
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@Eight: ...there are so many things wrong with this. 
AS is an updated version of a UT2004 mod which was released before L4D even came out (hell, it might've been released before L4D was announced, I can't be bothered to check). The team who made it is the same team behind the original -- Valve hired them a la Portal & dudes what made Narbacular Drop.

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