Really enjoying this game

#1 Posted by AndyMc1888 (144 posts) -

Free game, would probably pay for this, Extremely fun and be even better when I get a group of team mates, Some of best moments have to be watching someone panick and mess up the reload then get raped by hordes :D

#2 Posted by MancombSeepgood (369 posts) -

I presume you're talking about Alien Swarm? But you've posted in General Discussion. Flagging for move.

#3 Posted by Jeust (11376 posts) -

Alien Swarm?

#4 Posted by AndyMc1888 (144 posts) -

wow, Thats twice I have posted this in the alien swarm forum and it has ended up here, Firefox beta does not like giant bomb.

#5 Posted by ZombiePie (6171 posts) -

Moving thread to the Alien Swarm board. Also even though it is free I see no appeal in playing this game.

#6 Posted by TheDuke (228 posts) -

seems like it's getting a lot of good reception which was expected
still haven't dl'ed it though

#7 Posted by OverLord00 (173 posts) -

Just got done playing with 3 friends.  Had...a...freakin...BLAST!   Didn't expect much out of a free game, but man it's actually pretty polished and I'm lovin it. (Ba ba ba BAbAAA) 

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