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Alien Swarm Best Swarm 0

Alright, boys and...well, it's an internet video game site, so boys pretty much covers it. It's time for a history lesson. Alien Swarm was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Released in, well, 2004, it provided a top-down perspective of you and up to 7 other buddies slaughtered your way through a bunch of aliens all while leveling up the four classes in an RPG like manner. As time wore on, and the game started to show its age, there were reports that a new product was heading to Steam....

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Alien Swarm Review 0

I will start by thanking Valve and the team that worked together in creating this free to play game for all of us that use Steam. Not only is a classic top down and generally full of amazing fun, tactics and weapons, but they gave us a little extra by allowing us to learn and create ways to make new maps of our own choice, change things in our own ways, and make things more personal, unique and adventurous by gifting us the SDK for Alien Swarm, pretty neat eh?   Alien Swarm is just all around pr...

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Kinda naff 0

This game is a 4 player online co-op top down shooter using the Source Engine. The goal is relatively simple. Complete all the objectives and reach the end of the level and kill aliens along the way. Unfortunately, the game itself is too short, has no real sense of progression in the story as you can start from any mission you like and pick it up from there and doesn't really have a significant story. The objectives are also samey such as.... "destroy 20 alien eggs", "detonate this bomb located ...

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Alien Breed 2.0 0

So Alien Swarm takes alot of its inspiration from the old Amiga game Alien Breed. It is a topdown dualstick shooter, but as the game currently has problems recognizing gamepads, you use WASD for movement, and the mouse for directional aiming.  The game comes with 1 campaign which you can take yourself through cooperatively with 3 fellow friends for a 4 player coop romp. You gain experience and level up after each finished map and unlock new equipment and weapons. Before each map starts you get t...

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Alien Swarm, the best free game out there. 0

I think I've said this about 1000 times before, but I love steam. And now I love it even more thanks to Alien Swarm, an awesome FREE game. The game itself is pretty simple, it's basically a top down version of Left 4 Dead, in space. You choose from one of four classes, Medic,Tech, Officer and Special Weapons. However, not everyone can be one class, since the game requires at least one person to be tech. And you're going to want to stick together since this game, just like Left 4 Dead requires th...

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Alien Swarm, worth the money. Bite Size Review. 0

Alien swarm is another great co-op game made by the King Of Co-Op lately Valve. First off this game looks great even though its done on the Source engine, which doesn't really have the best looking games around. The gameplay is soild after my hours of playing this game, I hadn't found any issues with the gameplay and neither did any of my fellow space people. Sound is alright, the guns sound great but as I was playing I didn't pick up on any of the alien sounds, not to say they ain't there. Just...

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