ACB Reveals New Alien Game: Aliens Infestation

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The Australian Classification board has unearthed a new game in the Alien franchise. The new title is called Aliens Infestation, which has been developed by WayForward, the creators of Contra 4 and the Shantae series. The listing below states the title as being a multi-format release. WayForward are already working on another Sega product, later this year they intend to release a new Shinobi game for Nintendo's 3DS.  
I'm guessing it's a download release...
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A bump for fellow Alien fans.

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The first "Aliens" link links to the create a topic page for some reason.

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I want a new 2D side-scroller in the same vein as the classic arcade game. WayForward specialize in 2D side-scrollers, so I think the chances are good.

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