Aliens: Colonial Marines - 11 Minutes of Gameplay

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Here's an eleven minute presentation of gameplay with Randy Pitchford giving some commentary...

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I guess I should have said this is an alpha build of a game that's due in 2012. The footage was taken at a private E3 presentation.

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Looks like a 2008 game. Reminds me of Turok.

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Yeah I saw that, and as much as I love Aliens, so much I may get this no matter what it gets score wise, this better not be the final product, because it looks kind of bad. It's more like "Oh hey, they got the concept down, but oh... wait. They forgot to actually build it." It's more like what should be near the earliest build of a game, the sounds are like pew pew pew instead of the tat tat tat made so famously from the Aliens film. It just looks stuck in the past, like an N64 game put in HD with higher textures made shiny. But if I could buy Alien 3 and Aliens: Resurrection, I could definitely buy a bad Aliens game.

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The last section looked pretty cool if you ask me. Heavily scripted though, hmm... Fingers crossed.

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All ready dissapointed. Shotguns only get you covered in acid blood. Dude should be dead.

Also horrid Commentary.

#6 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Sure to be as timeless as Legendary:The Box or Haze.

#7 Posted by LetsRockBaby (223 posts) -

Really looking forward to the game until I saw this. Man it looks bad.

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meh.... you take away that commentary, work on some of the guns. Improve the acid and blood. Could be pretty good.

I thought the character models were pretty descent, and the lighting was awesome. I think my biggest disappointment was how easily those xenomorphs went down..

#9 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

That looked really boring. I was really looking forward to this, but man... the gunplay just looked awful.

The commentary that seemed like a dude's first YouTube video didn't help, either. Weird because I usually love to hear Randy Pitchford talk about his games.

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