Aliens: Colonial Marines Finally Escaping Gaming Limbo in 2012

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#51 Posted by Nightfang (392 posts) -

This could be interesting. 

#52 Posted by McBEEF (375 posts) -

  Every Hudson line in Aliens.

#53 Edited by Hzaife (166 posts) -

I dont have high hopes at all, im a huge Aliens buff and every game adaptation sucked ass except for the first two AVP games on PC.
Hope they prove me wrong because this will be day one purchase for me.

#54 Posted by davepegg10 (9 posts) -

Nolan North?

#55 Posted by craigieh28 (82 posts) -

All i need to know is....where. they. are.

#56 Posted by Hzaife (166 posts) -
@MisterChief said:
The fact that Alien 3 sucks has nothing to do with David Fincher and everything to do with Fox.
Correct, i have the directors cut which adds like half an hour to the movie and Fincher was even held back with that.
FOX wanted the franchise to go in one direction, he wanted another, Alien3 had MANY ideas which never came to light
#57 Edited by Hzaife (166 posts) -

Just thought of something, Hadley's Hope was nuked from the Atmospheric Processor explosion and The Sulaco was destroyed by the electrical fire in Alien3 shooting Ripley, Hicks and Newt onto Fiorina in the EEV.
So.... is this some kid of alternate universe since your exploring LV-426, Hadleys Hope etc which dont exist anymore in canun?  Damn, the geek just overcame me...

#58 Posted by Dick_Mohawk (394 posts) -

My common sense tells me not to get my hopes up...
However, I loved the 'Aliens' movie and have been waiting so long for a game that is worthy of the name that I'm excited by this news.
I just hope my common sense is wrong.

#59 Posted by M4EOzzy (19 posts) -
@m0rdr3d said:
 If this has anything to do with the Alien franchise it'll likely suck HARD just like all the movies do.
Wow, you are broken.
Finally, an Aliens game from a AAA developer, it's about time SEGA figured it out.
#60 Posted by buckybit (1517 posts) -

Ridley Scott's movie was a string quartet compared to James Cameron's hair metal mullet thingy.
I still like Rebellion's first Alien vs Predator.

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