AliensCM has some major potential

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I'm a fan of the series, i love FPS and i can't wait till this game comes out. Just from the few movies (particularly Aliens) we can imagine a bunch of cool scenerios the player is put in. Entering a reactor core or whatever, only using the flamethrower, welding doors behind you, crawling through claustrophobic airshafts, fighting aliens coming from the floor and the ceiling, going all CQC on them Alien ass' with bare fists (their acid for blood means you shouldn't cut them or shoot them up close), and imagine holding a position with ammo running out, and your buddy has a chestburster coming out. Real potential.

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I have to say I wasn't really too interested in this game which is why when I heard it was being delayed I didn't get too upset like some people did. Mainly because when I think of Aliens or Colonial Marines I can't help but think there is a severe lack of Predator in the mix as well. Which is really why I'm so excited for the upcoming AvP3 since personally I have more fondness for the Predator than Alien or Marine factions. If I had to play an Aliens game it would need the Predator in it to make it interesting for me.

Having said that though I can see some real potential in Aliens: Colonial Marines if they go down the L4D style of dependance on other players, assuming it has online co-op, which would make it a really thrilling game to play. A four or six player Marine team against a horde of Aliens (perhaps with some controlled by other players) as you progress through survival horror situations as seen in the movies really would interest me more than if they decide to go for generic Sci-Fi FPS.

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