Bug Hunt DLC, partial redemption

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I'm one of the original suckers who dropped $36 down for the game on GMG, then I threw down another $18 for the Season Pass there. Was hugely disappointed by the part of the campaign I've played, and still am, but the new patch has helped a bit. Last night I fired up the new Bug Hunt DLC, and I gotta say, it's a lot of fun. The maps play a lot like Black Ops zombie mode, money for kills/assists/wave clears, and then you unlock gates and activate suppression with it. They definitely have done some work on the alien AI, but they include waves of the Weylon soldiers here and there, and that kind of feels dumb, just like in the main campaign.

Overall, I'm enjoying it, played up to wave 26 with a group this morning, going to definitely jump back in since it's 25F and snowy here, good gaming weather.

If you have the main game and are looking for a reason to actually play it, Bug Hunt might be it.

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Agree that the AI is improved. I've noticed Aliens will actually force doors open (with a custom animation) instead of simply having them pop open when they get close. I *think* Mercs take cover more often, but that could be wishful thinking.

My biggest complaint - and a warning to anyone who might buy - is that the challenge gets stupid in the later waves. Progressive waves introduce Aliens who are not smarter or tougher, but take far more rounds to kill. By about wave 28 (with 4 out of 5 suppressors active) regular soldier Aliens took a whole clip (60 round version) of pulse rifle ammo to drop (on Recruit difficulty!). Wave 29, they took a full clip and more.

I would have preferred having to fight larger numbers of slightly tougher Aliens than having to unload on a bunch of absurdly hardy ones.

Also, big props for the Tribute map. It's a pretty spectacular replication of the movie's colony (pre-explosion) with all the locations (damaged hallways, rainy outside, medlab, operations) you'd expect. They did an excellent job with it.

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