Full co-op campaign playthrough

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Hey! So my friends and I played this game the other night and I decided to record us. I’m hoping to start doing some actual playthroughs for games, so I figured this would be “good” game to start with. So if you were for interested in seeing how bad this game is, but didn’t want to actually play it, you can go here to watch my playthrough. I would actually really appreciate any kind of feedback.


To be honest, I didn’t find this game to be terrible, it’s not great or good, but it’s not terrible. Though, that could be due to playing this on co-op. I think there was potential in this game, there were signs of a good game; it’s just a shame it turned out this way.

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Parts 7-13 are up if anyone is interested.


Got to use the power loader finally, too bad it kind of sucks.

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