Pitchford Blocked Me

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I'm confused as to why you seem to care so much, I mean of course you posting on his Twitter questions about what happened won't get any answers. The game just came out and he is still trying to sell the game because that's his job. Also who the fuck are you and why should he answer you at all? As far as I know you are not a journalist at a reputable company which is the only place you will get him to actually talk about what happened with the game later on.

If I were you I would just wait for someone who can actually get information on the subject to write an article about it instead of going on Twitter where all kinds of assholes go to stir shit up which makes it a bad place to actually get information. Which is too bad really but its how things are.

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I don't get it. What exactly are people expecting to get out of him?

I really don't understand this sudden villainization of Pitchford. His job is to get people to buy his game. He's very good at his job. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be shit. What would you like him to do about it?

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Man, I wish I was cool enough to get blocked by a stranger on twitter =(

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@sarge506 said:

@jasonr86: Then why does he plaster his company and games all over his personal twitter? How am I a brat please?

Because it being personal means he can do whatever he wants with it. Even if it were an official Gearbox Twitter account, it wouldn't be OBLIGATED to answer your questions about the quality of a recently released product. You might think it's bad business, but it is what it is.

He doesn't want to respond to big questions like that on Twitter, especially about something as sensitive and recent as this Aliens thing. That's smart business, to make sure all of your official responses are filtered through PR or Media Trainers. That's what those people are paid for.

Seriously. There's no way he could craft a satisfactory answer in 140 characters, so why should he even bother replying?

And more to the point why would he reply and give full details to some random on his twitter feed? Seriously? I am not sure what people are expecting to get out of nagging him on twitter but if he was going to give the low down on what really happened on A:CM it would be to the press as part of an article/interview, preferably talking to someone who knows a lot about the games industry so that they would get decent answers out of him.

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