so this got shown at PAX? thoughts?

#1 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2644 posts) -

Still have very high hope for this game after the mess that AvP was.
Very suprised to see this is still in the works though.
Kotaku article

#2 Posted by pbhawks45 (736 posts) -

Wow, Gearbox is really expanding. I assumed that game was cancelled.

#3 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3103 posts) -

Is PAX now where you go to show off games everyone thought were dead and gone?

#4 Posted by jakob187 (21676 posts) -

Glad to hear that they are still working on this.  I love me some Aliens!

#5 Edited by SuperSecretAgenda (696 posts) -

Huh. Seems like Gearbox is becoming a rather big company now. I used to not know who they were before Borderlands.
And I know I'm uninformed. But meh.

#6 Posted by MezzerliptikJay (33 posts) -

I just hope and pray that this game is better than AvP on Xbox 360,
The AvP game was more than a let down,

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