So whose getting this?

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@Funkydupe said:

This pretty much made up my mind for me. Just watch it on YouTube for proper size'n'all.

..... It's hideous... o_O

It all looked so utterly hideous, bland, and janky- even AvP 2010 looks better. D:

That NPC skating around was the last straw for me- I could only watch the first 18 minutes of this. :\

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Spoilers, this game will not be very good

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I've tried to look at this game with my fanboy eyes as i do adore this series, but after the novelty of the pulse rifle rubs off it is a tedious game, You spend a good two hours in the same level going back and forth.

It's about onpar with AvP 2010, can't say about the co-op or online as i've only done Single Player.

And before you ask, i got this from work as copies were sent in early ready for Tuesdays release so i couldn't wait to try this, so far ... i'm kinda underwhelmed.

Wait until you start ...

#104 Posted by Funkydupe (3426 posts) -

It just puzzles me that a big, I'd say loved, IP such as this can allow this continuing trend of mediocre games. It'd be excellent for the survival horror genre for example in the vein of the two initial dead space games. The games need to stop trying to tie themselves so tightly in to the plot and settings of the movies and start to think new, and even spice things up with new weapons and enemy types to compliment the more iconic ones from the movies. It has become really stagnant and predictable.

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Arthur Gies is being coy on twitter, but i think reading between the lines that its a god awful piece of shit.

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