Alien Vs. Predator hunter edition problem

#1 Posted by MatthewMontiel (15 posts) -
I posted this in another forum but i would like some help so i am posting these here with hopes that someone will be able to point me in the right directtion.


 I got lucky enough to find a hunter edition at my gamestop finally. I made sure it was sealed and it was. When i got home i opened my hunter edition only to find that i am missing my map pack code on. On top of that i also have a broken facehugger i cannot submit a ticket without my DLC code. I contacted gamestop but they no longer have any more copies of the hunter edition. I then called their corporate office and was told to go back to the store. From their we called sega customer support with no luck it sends you to the website. does anyone know of anyway that i can get the DLC codes that should have came with my hunter edition. Any help will be greatly appreciated cause i really want my facehugger to be replaced and i would like to have the maps that i paid for.

#2 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

For the face hugger you gotta contact sega 
Click me you might want contact them and ask for help. 

#3 Posted by MatthewMontiel (15 posts) -

yeah i have tried the website, but it asks me for my dlc code from my hunter edition. That code did not come in my box so i am really lost on what to do i have tried pretty much everything.

#4 Posted by FartyMcNarly (566 posts) -

bring it back to the store in exchange for one that isn't broken, since they don't have one that isn't broken they'll have to refund your money. If they try to give you in store credit just keep complaining until you get money.

#5 Posted by MatthewMontiel (15 posts) -
@FartyMcNarly: i would totally do that if it wasn't for that fact that i totally want to have the hunter edition i really wish i could find one at another gamestop but i have looked everywhere in my area, and no one has any.
#6 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Email sega. Tell them your issue. Inform them Gamestop sent you to them. 

#7 Posted by MatthewMontiel (15 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man: do you possibly know how to email them cause i have been all over the support area of sega's website.
#8 Posted by FartyMcNarly (566 posts) -
@MatthewMontiel: You would probably have to send an email to their support staff if you can't reach them on the phone and hope they would read it and respond to it, then hope that once you get that code sega will still replace a broken face hugger for you.
I'd just bring it back because you're not getting what you paid for, it's all broken or missing.
#9 Posted by MatthewMontiel (15 posts) -

this is lame i really want to play the maps i paid for.

#10 Posted by JamesShields (2 posts) -

You're not missing much the maps are ok i suppose 

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