Aliens vs Predator 33% sale on Steam, is it worth it?

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I remember being pretty exited about this game, but then i tried the mutliplayer demo and watched the reviews drop in and i skipped on buying it. It didn't look horrible, and the multiplayer was ok but still.
Now its on sale, and it has a bit more tolerable price. Should I, a fan of the Alien movies buy it? It looks like it has that Alien movie feel that i love.

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No. That games looks baaaad.

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@SJSchmidt93 said:

" No. That games looks baaaad. "

In addition to this, No. That game actually sucks ass, so hard that it has a permanentally brown tongue from now on from sucking ass so hard.
Trust me, as a fanatic of the Aliens movies, I bought this when it first came out. So just do yourself a favour and save your money for something that'll make you happy you spent your money on it, instead of this shit-stain-dribble of a "game".
I mean you'd probably be insulting yourself of the Alien and/or Predator fandom within you by getting this game.
 And as much as I hate the idea of being a forum troll, but I feel that this's the one exception to the rule.
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Get it only if Rebellion promise to add mod support. Modders could make this game great even if it is shit right now. I would say this game is worth about 3-4 bucks right now. Also there is no crouch button so gun fights are not fun.

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