Any one else getting Aliens Vs Predator?

#1 Posted by kingkorn69 (321 posts) -

I am going to get it and so is a friend.  Just judging on how many more are  going to get it on here?

#2 Posted by Shibbxyz (285 posts) -

Being Delivered as we speak! :D

#3 Posted by Skytylz (4046 posts) -

Probably not until it goes down in price.

#4 Posted by kingkorn69 (321 posts) -

Keep reading bad reviews but with 11 multiplayer options and three single player missions I think it will be good.

#5 Posted by Binman88 (3693 posts) -

Canceled my preorder after playing the demo. I was hoping for a more modernised multiplayer experience than it seemed to offer. Might buy it when it's cheaper in the future.

#6 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I bought it yesterday on the way home from work. I was going to get the collector edition that comes with the alien head suckers thing mteodel and all that junk but I decided to save the cash and just get vanilla AvP instead,  the reviews have been way too mixed for me to want to spend too much money on this game. I'll probably played through the three campaigns this weekend and maybe touch a little multiplayer but I doubt I'll do too much of that. It seems to be getting very positive reviews in Australia compared to game press in the US and even Europe. So hopefully they weren't too wrong. 
I bought my copy for the PS3 and I'll probably play Marine --> Alien --> then Predator's campaign.

#7 Posted by ToxicFruit (1731 posts) -

Pre-ordered it awhile ago on the PC, its pretty fun, not what I expected but fun.

#8 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

I'll be picking it up tomorrow. It's never going to be as good as Left 4 Dead 2, but I've played that game to death. At the moment I'm not looking for 'better' I'm looking for 'different', just to tide me over until the summer/autumn blockbusters.

#9 Posted by JukeboxJoe (242 posts) -

Hell yes. Roll on pay day
#10 Posted by Snail (8690 posts) -

Fuck no.
That game sucks a lot, I never understood the hype. It looked crappy from the first trailer I saw, maybe that SEGA logo at the beginning of the trailer had something to do with it. And then the demo. God that was awful.

#11 Posted by Kazona (3104 posts) -

If it were free, I might get it. Otherwise, nope.

#12 Posted by Syntec (5 posts) -

I wouldn't even accept it if it was free.

#13 Posted by Sigwood (12 posts) -

I got mine on Friday, beat all three campaigns over the weekend and it was awesome.  I am not sure if I am missing something, but I didn't really have any problem with this game at all.  It was a fun ride.  I especially liked the Alien campaign, even though I thought I wouldn't.  There's something about running onto the ceiling, positioning myself and dropping down behind a marine for a stealth kill that just makes me happy.
#14 Posted by HistoryInRust (6474 posts) -

I understand the hate that is being leveled at this game. But I'm the kind of person who digs a very mediocre Spider-Man sandbox game if they just nail the sense of Spidey swinging around without any hiccups. That means that, yes, I'm going to get this game, because there really aren't enough notable Alien or Predator games on the market anymore.

#15 Posted by JokerClown88 (1051 posts) -

I own it.  I am having fun with it.  I just wish there was more people in Multiplayer. :(

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