Camera Issues for the Alien

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I wanna start off by saying that this game is fun as hell and very unique.  I can't wait to try out team game modes.
My only gripe with the demo is how the camera handles transitions for the Alien.  A lot of people say it's disorienting.  Although I don't quite agree, I believe the camera system is flawed.  The problem that I've pinpointed is that the camera automatically turns with the Alien character during transitions.  While this makes sense on paper, it does not in practice because the camera rarely turns the player in a direction that he or she wants to face.
Here is an example that I feel is most easily understood:  Try walking (or even better, running) into and over one of the metal crates in a hallway.  The camera will snap 90 degrees up, 90 degrees down, 90 degrees down, and 90 degrees up again automatically as you crawl over the box.  There is no need for this.  The problem gets much worse when navigating uneven surfaces, where the camera automatically shakes back and forth uncontrollably to the point where there it is almost impossible for a player to gauge his or her direction or location in the environment.
I feel that a much better solution would be to never force the camera to move unless the limit of how far the player can look up and down is reached.  This would mean that in the box scenario, the camera would only be corrected if the player was looking too far up or down upon scaling the box.  This would improve the camera system for two reasons.  The first is that being able to keep the camera in a fixed position helps to orient one's self while turning in space.  The second is that taking away camera control form the player prevents him or her from being able to track enemies during combat.
For those who don't quite get what I'm saying, here's a picture done with my awesome photoshop skills.  The little gray thing represents the alien as it climbs over an obstacle, and the red line represents the camera's angle as at each step is the player does not touch the right stick:

This system would also try to keep the camera aimed in the same direction even when transitioning an obstacle at an angle. 

For the record, I've spent time using auto-transition on and off.
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Moving to avp forum.

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@lordofultima said:
" Moving to avp forum. "
Thanks.  Could have sworn it was being made here...
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Maybe a good idea, maybe not, in any case, your Alien design is awesome!

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360 has an auto-center camera feature that basically does what your proposed idea does.  This could be about PC though, I didn't read the entire post.  It also gets easier to control the more you play, but it could definitely use a little work.

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