Freezing problem.

#1 Posted by Funzzo (835 posts) -

I am having a problem when I pick up something off the floor in the marine single player mode the game locks up for 10-20 seconds it then goes back to normal. It a shame because when its not freezing I like this game alot. Also does it seem weird to anyone else that there is no crouch button?
#2 Posted by crazymexicancarpi (66 posts) -

If you have the game on 360 try installing it, if that dosnt work try and exchange it for a new one and the store you brought it from. I got the game on PC and havnt had this problem. Sorry. 
The crouch button hasnt annoyed me like it did in ME2. But it did seem werid at first while playing as an Marine during the campaign.
#3 Posted by Workyticket (108 posts) -

Haven't had that problem specifically, though I did have a freee on a loading screen, only once though.
And the lack of crouch may have been strange at first, but it does make total sense. To survive as a marine you need to be on your feet constantly, and on the move unless you're in Infestation. For the most part, stillness=death, and even the split second it take for you get get up would cost you badly. If there had been crouch, you might as well have renamed it the 'Insta-Kill Me, Please!' button.

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