Fun to Play as Marines

#1 Posted by Vampire_Chibi (202 posts) -

Played the demo with a friend we both where marines, so we teamed up.
It's was so scary when we got attacked or just moved course the sensor goes off.

#2 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -

Yeah, playing as a Marine solo is pretty intense but it's a lot more fun with a squad mate at your side.

#3 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

I'm just going to say I hate you for teaming up as two marines :P (just jokin')
But yeah, the marines can be a very intense experience when your sensor is going off and you're sitting there looking all over the walls and ceilings and you're just thinking "holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit".  It's something I've truly never experienced in online multiplayer.

#4 Posted by Novyx (483 posts) -

The demo really should have been TDM. Predators, I think, have the most 'true' experience from the demo, but marines and aliens both are so obviously team-based that I'm mystified as to why they did the DM demo. And yes, Marines are great fun. Just remember to block.

#5 Posted by Pie (7217 posts) -

It is quite impressive how they've made a multiplayer game scary and incredibly tense

#6 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -
@Pie said:
" It is quite impressive how they've made a multiplayer game scary and incredibly tense "
Yep, it's a very unique experience.  Most games that try to be atmospheric and "spooky" aren't even as good as the multiplayer's atmosphere as a marine.  It really gets my adrenaline pumping.
#7 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -

I got my ass whooped as a marine.  Only got one kill, but the constant fear of something popping up was somewhat enjoyable.

#8 Posted by Vampire_Chibi (202 posts) -

The Predator is the easiest to stay alive with, especially when you have the laser and know how to use it.. hehe
I tried to stay where the laser is, and i tried to see if i could kill someone but no one came so i went down and right there was a alien...
Long story short, he killed me.

#9 Posted by Atomasist (2793 posts) -

Rebellion did a good job of making each race feel unique and fun. Props to them.

#10 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

Its pretty good alright, usually when i play with friends as predator, we all run around in a group and fuck up anyone not in our party. 
Yesterday i was part of a 2 Predator and 3 Human team, humans letting the predators know when the radar goes off.

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