IGN UK Review: 8.5

#1 Posted by DaSmart1 (74 posts) -

Nice, pretty much what I expected: flawed, but fun old-school Aliens vs. Predator action.

#2 Posted by Ubertron987 (37 posts) -

Damn this make it harder for me to pick between bioshock2 and avp :/
#3 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1087 posts) -

Yep, this is about right. Screw Game Informer and OXM gave it an 8.0/10 as well. Can't wait for this game!

#4 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

the reviews for this are all over the place 
GI gave it like a 5.75 right?

#5 Edited by DCFGS3 (1084 posts) -

Yeah, this could be an all over the place kinda game. I have a feeling that people are expecting MW2 multiplayer and action, but don't give a shit about the variety. That GI review was bullshit though, he said the marine campaign 'wasn't scary enough' and that the Alien controls made him feel 'nauseous', of course it fucking does you moron! Let's see you design controls for a creature that walks on walls and ceilings without creating nausea! 
Having said that, I think this game could have been REALLY good with some polish and hard work.

#6 Posted by HistoryInRust (6650 posts) -

I haven't read any of the reviews, I've only seen the correlating scores, which is sort of like trying to predict what exactly is ailing the game via a sort of voodoo, so I can't really make an informed opinion on why the reviews are so disparate. 
That said, it strikes me immediately as a game some are going to really like and a game that some are going to really hate. There are definitely good qualities present, at least in the demo I played, but I suppose that was just a fleeting glimpse at the multiplayer and not a detailed look at whatever beast the singleplayer campaign is.

#7 Posted by FlintstoneFlop (24 posts) -

Ordered it thanks to this review. I just hope the ps3 online will work better than the demo :/

#8 Posted by Jared (586 posts) -

Ordered, good review!

#9 Posted by Tomarlyn (150 posts) -

Barely anything worthwhile is mentioned about the campaigns.

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