Nightmare mode: Too hard?

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Been trying to play through the AvP campaigns on Nightmare difficulty, at first mostly for achievments, and I'm curious what other peoples thoughts about it are.  I ask this because while the game certainly becomes a lot more frustrating ie: getting killed and having to restart the entire level because I ran into a turrent fumbling with the Alien controls, but its also made the game a whole lot more intense and rewarding when I do finally get through a level.  I'm on the edge of my seat, especially in the marine campaign, because death hold actual consequence.  Other games you die and its no big deal, just reload and try again, here its alot more severe.  While I'm still not sure if this is a good way of adding tension to a game or if its just frustrating and poor design.  It got me thinking about the increased difficulty= added reward at the end arguments.
Anywho thats my thoughts, anyone else care to share theirs?

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I havnt tried it on nightmare (Doing it on Normal). Been sucked into the multiplayer. Also if you go slow you'll hardly get seen or shot at. So look for all options before attacking anyone. 
Edit: I know it wasnt my thoughts about the difficulty, just advice.
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It's called Hardcore mode, suck it up.

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@Talesavo said:
" It's called Hardcore mode, suck it up. "
Anyway, I'm doing it on normal, after that's done I'll do nightmare for the achievements.
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Finally beat every mission on nightmare and I gotta say it was pretty satisfying to finish off each campaign.
Marine gave me the most trouble mostly on the boss fights or whenever something got too close and i blew its head off showering myself in acid

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Congratulations. :) 
I haven't played Nightmare yet, but then again I only just finished all three campaigns on Normal today. 
I'm not sure if removing checkpoints is the best way to make the game feel harder. I think a better way would have been to increase the number of enemies, or possibly increase the quality of enemy AI on harder difficulties.
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All I can say is like playing old school games like the NES ninja gaiden 3 or castlevania 1 and 3 and to be honest I liked this Noghtmare difficulty, is being a  long time since I have seen this sistem, is not like ninja gaiden in the xbox it has ton of checkpoints but is just cheap difficulty.

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A friend of mine has beat it on nightmare and i don't know if i can put the time in, I don't wanna end up stressed out and hating the game when I'm loving the multiplayer so much right now.
Maybe in time I'll give it a shot but the lack of checkpoints is really putting me off, no matter how 'hardcore' it is, I don't wana go a whole mission just to die and start again....

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Anyone else feel like Jeff's reveiw didnt really give the game a fair shake? I mean he barely mentioned the multiplayer.. 
Ah well, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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